Luxury Hotel Training - Welcome
Luxury Hotel Training - Assisting 4-star hotels achieve a 5-star reputation
Are you a 4-Star Hotel that desires and deserves a 5-Star reputation?
Do you have the right location, offer the right amenities, and provide the ambience equivalent to a 5-star hotel, yet you fall short of your customers’ expectations?
Perhaps your hotel is struggling in one or more of the following areas:
  • High number of customer complaints
  • On-line reviews adversely affecting your reputation
  • Constant or excessive staff turnover
  • Lack of communication between Departments
  • Ineffective or inexperienced managers or supervisors
If this sounds familiar, it is time you were introduced to Luxury Hotel Training, your off-site Talent Management Center. I work with 4-star hotels who want to achieve a 5-star reputation. 
I understand how important it is for your hotel to have a great product, a welcoming environment, and excellent customer service. My goal is to eliminate any factors that negatively impact the customer’s experience or your profitability. 
Luxury Hotel Training provides top quality consulting services, customized programs in Staff Hiring, Development and Retention, Customer Service Excellence, Management and Supervisory Development, as well as Team Building solutions that put you on track to service excellence so you achieve that 5-star reputation. In addition, I provide pre-opening consulting and training services.
You can expect a substantial increase in positive feedback and reviews from guests, loyal and happy employees, and departments working together to give your guests the 5-star service they deserve, resulting in new and returning customers, which in turn impacts positively on your bottom line. 
Whatever your needs, I'm confident you'll be happy working with me.